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    Pre-programmed 27C1024 EPROM for the Gigatron computer (IC U7). ROM version 5a.
  • Looking for the perfect way to make your breadboard projects more permanent? Then look no further; the Sloth Byte Prototype Board is the perfect solution. Electrically, the layout is the same as a breadboard with horizontal power rails at the top and bottom of the board and vertical tracks.
  • Push your soldering skills to the next level with the latest in our popular discrete 555 timer rage - "The 555 Micro". Measuring just 28 x 36 mm and featuring surface mount components, this is the challenge you've been waiting for.  
  • Bare Gigatron PCB and Pluggy McPlugface PCB. Just add your own components to build an 8-bit TTL computer that has no CPU. See the full product description below for more details.
  • “The Clock” Kit

    Build your own 24-hour USB powered clock. Based on 74xx series TTL chips, you won't find a microcontroller or CPU here. Block diagram and circuit diagram included in the documentation so you can see how everything works.
  • The 555 Mini is the mini version of our popular Discrete 555 Timer, measuring just 36 x 56 mm. Already got a selection of your own components and don't fancy the entire kit?? Then grab just the PCB.
  • The 555 Mini is the mini version of our popular Discrete 555 Timer kit, measuring just 36 x 56 mm.  
  • Colour Maximite 2 PCB only (no components). Choice of PCB colour: Matt black or purple. Both boards have silver colour solder pads (lead-free HASL). See the Colour Maximite 2 blog post for what a completed PCB looks like. Customer builds - here & here
  • Build your own 555 timer from discrete components and see what makes it tick. High-quality PCB, all components supplied. Available in four fab colours; matt black, purple, blue and green. The "EZ version" features increased transistor pad size and spacing making for an easier soldering experience, ideal if you are new to soldering. If you fancy a bit more of a challenge then the "Standard Version" is for you. Just be sure to select the desired option before adding to the cart.
    • VISHAY  1N4148-TAP  Small Signal Diode
    • Average IF 150 mA
    • Max VF 1V @ IF = 10 mA
    • Peak forward surge current 2 A (for 1 microsecond)
  • A general-purpose PNP transistor in TO-92 package. Specs below.
  • A general-purpose NPN transistor in TO-92 package. Specs below.


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