**Update** 10/10/2020 – now in the store and on Tindie.

29/06/2020 – PCB design complete and currently in the manufacturing stage.

The 4-Bit Binary and Hexadecimal Kit will give you a good grounding in both Binary and the Hexadecimal number system. It will also introduce you to EEPROMs and how these can be used to encode and decode data. Through the use of the onboard DIP switches, manual clock and program buttons, you program the EEPROM (all covered in the user manual) so that it can convert the binary count into the necessary signals to output Hexadecimal on the 7-segment LED display.

The kit uses a clock pulse to increment the count. The clock can be set to manual or automatic. When in manual mode, one press and release of the tactile push-button creates one clock pulse. When in automatic mode, you have the choice of using the supplied 555 timer IC or the optional “Discrete 555 Timer Kit” can be attached to this kit and connected using link wires. The automatic clock speed can be adjusted using the onboard pot.

Circuit designed and tested 🙂

Double-sided PCB design below and is currently being manufactured.

4-bit binary and hex kit PCB