**Update 19/07/2020** See this kit being used as a clock with a Z80 CPU on YouTube.

21/06/2020 – The Discrete 555 Timer is now available to purchase in the store and on Tindie.

Already got your own components? You can bag the PCB in the store as well.

The inspiration behind this was my love of all things retro, especially electronics and computing. I wanted to take something well known and loved, and turn it into a kit that others would be able to build, play with and learn from.

The brief that I set myself was, it mustn’t be too expensive, must be easy to ship, have excellent documentation and be compatible with future Sloth Byte projects and kits.

After drawing the schematic, I designed the PCB layout, and the picture below is a screenshot from the CAD package.

PCB CAD package

Screenshot of PCB from CAD package