Exciting news to anyone wanting to get their hands on a Gigatron!

The PCB is coming to the Sloth Byte online shop very soon, so keep your eyes open!

Watch a Gigatron being built

What is a Gigatron?
A TTL computer where there is no CPU chip, instead the CPU is made out of individual TTL chips.

What is TTL?
TTL stands for Transistor-Transistor Logic. The Gigatron uses the 7400 series of TTL chips.

What speed does the Gigatron run at?
The Gigatron is an 8-bit machine that runs at 6.25 MHz

Watch me build a Gigatron TTL Computer
Note that the kit being build in the video below was purchased from gigatron.io who have now stopped selling kits.
Initially, Sloth Byte will be only supplying the Gigatron PCB and not an entire kit.

What can you do with a Gigatron TTL computer?