We’re excited to announce that the micro version of our popular 555 timer kit has now been released!

“The 555 Micro” measures just 28 x 36 mm and is designed to push your soldering skills by providing a challenge with component package sizes of 1206 (3.2 x 1.6 mm) and give a fun circuit to play with after completion.

Available in our store and our Tindie store.

To aid you to identify the components, they are secured to an identification sheet using tape, and of course, don’t forget the details construction manual.

The 555 Micro Component Sheet

Here is the micro version connected to a breadboard and configured in an astable mode of operation which is designed to give a squarewave output. The frequency is chosen by the value of external resistors and capacitor used on the breadboard. Need to calculate these values, then check out our online 555 calculator.

Example astable