• Already got a selection of your own components and don't fancy the entire kit?? Then grab just the PCB, as per the kit, two versions of the PCB are available. The "EZ version" features increased transistor pad size and spacing make for an easier soldering experience, ideal if you are new to soldering. If you fancy a bit more of a challenge then the "Standard Version" is for you. Just make your choice with the dropdown below before adding it to the cart.
  • Exclusively available through Amazon, the Sloth Byte "Beer Can Crystal Radio" eBook shows you how to make a self-powered radio. No previous electronics knowledge is required. Don't forget to leave a review and check out my Amazon Author page.
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    Learn about binary and hexadecimal while at the same time practising your soldering skills. The kit comes complete with everything you need to build a working 4-bit binary and hexadecimal counter. The counter increments by one with each clock count, and this is where it gets interesting. There are three possibilities for clock input; manual via the included push-button, automatic using the included 555 timer IC or remove the 555 IC and use with the "Discrete 555 Timer Kit" also available in this store.


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