Beer Can Crystal Radio – eBook

Exclusively available through Amazon, the Sloth Byte “Beer Can Crystal Radio” eBook shows you how to make a self-powered radio. No previous electronics knowledge is required. Don’t forget to leave a review and check out my Amazon Author page.

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Available exclusively through Amazon @ £2.89 or FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

This book shows you how to make a crystal radio using a beer can, toilet roll tube, cardboard, aluminium kitchen foil, wire and a couple of electronic components. Full step by step instructions are given along with photographs.

A crystal radio is a small, simple, self-powered radio receiver that enables you to listen to analogue AM radio using a crystal earpiece. This radio requires no batteries or power source!

Other books show you how to connect purchased components; this book will show you how to make some of your own components (variable capacitor and coil). To complete the radio, you’ll also need to buy some parts; a diode, crystal earpiece, screw terminals and some wire. All other parts used are standard household items. A full parts list is included in the book.

Children should be supervised at all time during construction due to the use of scissors and a hot melt glue gun.

I’d love to see your finished radios! Please tweet them to me @iNimbleSloth


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