Prototyping Board


Looking for the perfect way to make your breadboard projects more permanent? Then look no further; the Sloth Byte Prototype Board is the perfect solution. Electrically, the layout is the same as a breadboard with horizontal power rails at the top and bottom of the board and vertical tracks.

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  • Transform your breadboard projects into a permanent state
  • Cuttable tracks
  • Links enabling power rails at the top and bottom of the board to be linked or operated independently
  • Standard 2.54 mm pitch
  • Double-sided through-hole plated pads
  • Four mounting holes (3 mm diameter)
  • Three colours; purple, black and blue
  • Size; 55.4 x 48.3 mm

Below is an example of how the board can be used. In the photo is a 555 astable circuit that flashes two LEDs assembled on the purple prototyping board.

Example circuit on prototype board

Additional information

PCB colour

Black, Blue, Purple


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