“The Clock” Kit


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Build your own 24-hour USB powered clock.

Based on 74xx series TTL chips, you won’t find a microcontroller or CPU here. Block diagram and circuit diagram included in the documentation so you can see how everything works.

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“The Clock” is the latest product to join the Sloth Byte lineup.

The kit contains the PCB and all electronic components necessary to build a 24-hour digital quartz clock. All components are through-hole with the exception of the micro-USB connector which is pre-soldered to the PCB for your convenience.

“The Clock” is based on 7400 series TTL logic chips (mostly) that have been around for many decades, there is no microcontroller or CPU in this design, it’s all “old school”.

Once built, simply connect your own micro USB cable and power supply to power it on.

Full-colour construction guide along with information about the components and how the circuit works available as a pdf download.


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